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On secure grounds in the Web: Competition law - Internet law

CausaConcilio advises you on the competitive design of your advertising measures, your Internet presence or Internet shops and represents you in the event of infringements of competition law by your competitors - as well as in the event of warnings that you might receive. The law against unfair competition (UWG, Unlawful Competition), which has been in force in Germany for decades, has gained considerably in importance due to the spread of the Internet and the resulting legislation to protect consumers. For example, the legislator prescribes a large range of information that must be provided on the Internet. This already applies to ordinary websites. Internet shops must provide a great deal of additional information. A proper disclaimer is just as necessary as, for example, a corresponding instruction on the right of withdrawal or legally compliant price-indications. He who does not adhere to the information disclosure risks a costly warning. On Secure Ground in the Web - CausaConcilio.

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