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Causaconcilio – Rechtsanwälte und Notare in Kiel, Hamburg und Schönberg

At home in specialised fields – specialist lawyers for medical law

The lawyers at CausaConcilio know all there is to know about medical and hospital law, from A to Z. In all cases, our experts take the requirements of the professional regulations for physicians and dentists, the law for statutory health insurance physicians and hospital law into account, not only when it comes to co-operations, fee issues, purchase, sale, transfer or takeover of medical practices or other forms of acquisition or sale, but in all aspects of this increasingly complex field of law.

With eleven specialist lawyers for medical law, CausaConcilio is able to guarantee the best possible legal advice for doctors and dentists, clinics, nursing care facilities and pharmaceutical companies throughout Germany.

Through our extensive lecture activities, numerous publications and close connections to relevant corporations, committees, and professional associations, CausaConcilio is well informed about the latest developments and trends in health care.

Focused on the advantages for our clients, we also cover related issues in other specialist fields such as corporate law, labour law or business law.

You take care of your patients – we take care of your legal rights!

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