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Causaconcilio – Finn-Harm Witt –  Flensburg

Finn-Harm Witt

Attorney at law and notary
Specialist lawyer for Commercial Legal Protection
Specialist lawyer for Tenancy and Residential Property Law

Secretary's Office

Diana Lajer
Tel: +49 461 14109-212
Fax: +49 461 14109-90

Please contact | Notary

Chalin Carstens
Tel: +49 461 14109-321
Fax: +49 461 14109-90

Study of law:


In legal practice as an attorney at law:

Since 2007

In legal practice as a notary:

Since 2015

Partner in the law firm

Intellectual Property Rights:
Trademark Law, Copyright Law, Intellectual Property Law
Cyber Law
Real Estate Law:
notably Drafting of Contracts, Business Rentals, Residential Rentals, Tenancy Law, Residential Property Law, Brokerage Law