Causaconcilio – Rechtsanwälte und Notare in Kiel, Hamburg und Schönberg

Dr. Kai Ensenbach

Attorney at law

Secretary's Office:

Petra Reiter
Tel: +49 (431) 6701 - 242
Fax: +49 (431) 6701 - 55242

Study of law:


In legal practice as an attorney at law:

Since 2015

Not a partner within the meaning of the German Law governing partnerships (PartGG).

Dr. Ensenbach joined our law firm in 2015 after previously working in research and teaching. He provides comprehensive legal counselling in his special fields of expertise which are business law, general civil law, and commercial and corporate law. Dr. Ensenbach always considers the economic aspects of legal issues. Whether entrepreneur, association or private individual, Dr. Ensenbach defends your interests, giving legal advice and assistance and representing you in disputes.