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Causaconcilio – Rechtsanwälte und Notare in Kiel, Hamburg und Schönberg

Care law in Kiel, Hamburg and Flensburg

Legal competence for care companies

The care business is involved in a multitude of very different and often interwoven legal relationships, all of which require competent attention. In this multifaceted field, CausaConcilio offers facility owners qualified and reliable legal advice.

CausaConcilio guarantees service providers nationwide legal advice and representation in all legal issues that specifically arise here, among others with regard to the long-term care insurance funds, the supervisory authorities and, of course, also the persons in need of long-term care. And it does not matter whether it is an inpatient care facility, an outpatient care service, a residential care community or assisted living and other concepts.

CausaConcilio stands for interdisciplinary work. Our range of services therefore covers all legal issues relevant to operational processes, in particular also labour law, building law and tenancy law.

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