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Causaconcilio – Martin Issel – Flensburg

Martin Issel

Attorney at law and notary

Secretary's Office

Tel: +49 461 14109-210
Fax: +49 461 14109-90

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Tel: +49 461 14109-0
Fax: +49 461 14109-90

Study of law:

Regensburg, Odessa, Münster

In legal practice as an attorney at law:

Since 2001

In legal practice as a notary:

Since 2016

Partner in the law firm

Honorary offices and sideline activities:

RA Issel is a member of the board of trustees of Malteser gGmbH for St. Franziskus Hospital Flensburg and a deputy member of the parish council of Stella Maris, Flensburg.

For the CDU, he is a member of the Munkrarup municipal council and heads the Munkrarup/Ringsberg local association.

If there is a fire in the village, he is a member of the Munkbrarup/Rüde fire brigade.

Private Construction Law and Commercial Law in Flensburg

Martin Issel has represented his clients, including building contractors and craft enterprises, for many years in all areas of construction and contract law. A particular focus is the area of plant construction law, especially plants for the generation of renewable energies, in which he represents his clients throughout Germany.

In addition, he represents clients in all areas of general commercial law, both as a lawyer and in a preventive capacity in the field of notarial services.

Finally, the representation of heirs and beneficiaries of compulsory portions is another focus of his legal work, as well as the drafting of wills, inheritance contracts and other testamentary dispositions and precautionary transactions an important part of his notarial work.

Mr Issel is married, has a son and three daughters and lives in a small village in Angeln.