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Causaconcilio – Rechtsanwälte und Notare in Kiel, Hamburg und Schönberg

Kharim-Oliver Elmasry

Attorney at law and notary
Specialised lawyer for family law
Specialised lawyer for inheritance law

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Antje Richter
Tel: +49 (431) 6701 - 211
Fax: +49 (431) 6701 - 55211

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Dana Dingler
Tel: +49 (431) 6701 - 305

Franziska Kröger
Tel: +49 (431) 6701 - 316
Fax: +49 (431) 6701 - 55305

Study of law:


In legal practice as an attorney at law:

Since 2001

In legal practice as a notary:

Since 2012

Partner in the law firm

Kharim-Oliver Elmasry works mainly in the fields of family and inheritance law.

Mr. Elmasry provides comprehensive and competent legal advice and representation in all areas of family law such as issues relating to separation and divorce and the settlement of the consequences of separation and divorce. This includes the review and design of prenuptial contracts and their rescission as well as the enforcement of and defence against claims for child and spouse support. He also advises and represents clients regarding the equal distribution of surplus and apportionment of assets and liabilities, in adoption cases and in cases involving spouses or partners of different nationality.

Mr. Elmasry also provides comprehensive advice in all areas of inheritance law and is a competent representative in all situations which may arise in the event of an inheritance. This includes enforcing the right to a compulsory portion, partition of an estate, contesting a will, issuing a certificate of inheritance and execution of wills. He also advises on questions relating to international inheritance situations.

Furthermore, Mr. Elmasry assists clients who wish to make a will to ascertain and specify their intentions, and together with the client creates conflict-avoiding strategies for the transfer of property and assets through wills or inheritance agreements or for property transfer during the client's lifetime taking into account the regulations of inheritance and gift legislation.