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Causaconcilio – Rechtsanwälte und Notare in Kiel, Hamburg und Schönberg

Dr. Kai Stefan Peick

Attorney at law and notary
Specialist lawyer for medical and labour law

Secretary's Office:

Nastasja Schubert

Tel.: +49 (4344) 413973-4
Fax: +49 (4344) 413973-5

Please contact | Notary

Frauke Geerdts
Tel.: +49 (4344) 413973-3

Study of law:


In legal practice as an attorney at law:

Since 2008

In legal practice as a notary:

Since 2021

Partner in the law firm

Medical Law and Labor Law in Schönberg

Since taking up his practice as a lawyer, Dr. Kai Stefan Peick has focused on labor and medical law. In addition, he is also a contact person for questions of corporate law and general civil law.

In the field of labor law, Dr. Peick advises on all questions of individual labor law as well as works constitution and collective bargaining law.

For medical service providers, Dr. Peick not only provides comprehensive advice on all questions of employment law, but also on questions of professional law and contract (dental) law, as well as in the areas of corporate and contract law. A further focus is on hospital law, in particular the law governing contracts with chief physicians.

As a lawyer and notary public, Dr. Peick is your contact in the drafting of contracts. Whether in real estate and property development law in the acquisition or sale of real estate, in the drafting of contracts under family law, in the drafting of testamentary or testamentary transfers of assets, or in questions of corporate law, you will find competent support here.