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Causaconcilio – Rechtsanwälte und Notare in Kiel, Hamburg, Flensburg und Schönberg

Solidly positioned - Construction law

CausaConcilio provides legal security in construction. A multitude of legal and contractual regulations combined with confusing and inconsistent jurisdictions, as well as the economic importance of construction projects, often make it necessary to consult not only technical experts such as architects and engineers, but also a "specialist in law" - a trained "construction" lawyer.

CausaConcilio has many years of experience in matters of construction law and architectural law. We advise and represent small, medium-sized and large construction and commercial enterprises, architects and engineers as well as private individuals in a well-founded and committed manner, in all legal matters relating to construction: in construction contract law, in the assertion and enforcement of payment and warranty claims, in property development law, in construction insurance law and in all other related legal areas - out of court, in mediation proceedings and, if necessary, in court.

Many disputes regularly arising in construction law proceedings may be avoided by timely contractual arrangements! CausaConcilio - with security at your side.

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