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Causaconcilio – Rechtsanwälte und Notare in Kiel, Hamburg und Schönberg

Collection Service

If the worst comes to the worst, CausaConcilio assists companies with professional and effective receivables management. Irrecoverable debts and the resulting liquidity shortages must be avoided - for tradespeople and self-employed professionals just as much as for medium-sized and large companies. CausaConcilio provides solutions to bring this risk under control, fast and in good time.

Receivables Management

When customers and contract partners do not pay on time we assist you in the collection of the sum owed to you and your claims for compensation for expenses and interest.

Default Summons

back If the debtor does not react to our legal reminder letter within a short period we will, subject to your agreement, apply for a payment order. If the reminder procedure ends in a formal law suit we will, of course, assist you with our many years of practical experience.

Enforcement Order

If your claims against the debtor can only be collected by means of an enforcement order we will apply for such an order to be issued and then begin the formal enforcement proceedings.

Enforcement by Writ

Our staff undergo regular further training in this area of law and as a result of many years of experience know everything about the system of execution procedures for the collection of debt. If your debtor still refuses to pay in spite of the enforcement order, we advise you about the different methods of execution, for example seizure of wages or salaries, seizure of other goods belonging to the debtor by the bailiff and the compulsory auction of real estate property.


We pursue enforcement proceedings through the responsible bailiff and if necessary ensure that the debtor makes a statutory declaration under oath that he is insolvent.