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Causaconcilio – Rechtsanwälte und Notare in Kiel, Hamburg und Schönberg


Attorney at law and notary

Secretary's Office:

Nastasja Schubert
Tel.: +49 (4344) 413973 - 3
Fax: +49 (4344) 413973 - 5

Notary Assistants

Frauke Geerdts
Tel.: +49 (4344) 413973 - 3
Alexandra Fiebig
Tel.: +49 (4344) 413973 - 3
Fax: +49 (4344) 413973 - 5

Study of law:


In legal practice as an attorney at law:

Since 1979

In legal practice as a notary:

Since 1981

Partner in the law firm

With more than 35 years of experience as a notary, Horst-Werner Peick is your contact partner in Schönberg for all notarial matters. He has had his own notary’s office in Schönberg since 1991, and manages a large notary’s office in the district of Plön.

Mr. Peick offers experienced, competent advice regarding the design of contracts ranging from all aspects of real estate law, such as the sale or purchase of property and matters pertaining to property developers, to questions relating to family law such as pre-nuptial contracts. A further focal point of his expertise concerns arrangements for the transfer of property and assets after death. This can be determined by means of a last will and testament, contract of inheritance or in the form of gifts already transferred during the lifetime of the owner, whereby the regulations stipulated in inheritance law regarding such gifts have to be taken into consideration. Mr. Peick also provides legal counselling on issues of company law and assists with all formalities involved in the formation of companies and any alterations which may be necessary.