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Causaconcilio – Rechtsanwälte und Notare in Kiel, Hamburg und Schönberg

Maxi Krabbe

Attorney at law

Secretary's Office:

Lisa Krämer
Tel: +49 (431) 6701 - 243
Fax: +49 (431) 6701 - 55243

Maxi Krabbe has been working as a lawyer in the field of family law at CausaConcilio since 2017. She is currently studying for the qualification of specialist lawyer for family law. Maxi Krabbe was born in Stralsund. She graduated from high school in 2007 and moved to Kiel where she studied law at the Christian-Albrechts-Universität.

After completing her studies and passing the first state examination she was awarded the academic law degree of Diplom-Jurist. Mrs. Krabbe then began her legal clerkship at the Regional Court District of Lübeck.

Not a partner within the meaning of the German Law governing partnerships (PartGG).

Mrs. Krabbe completed both the lawyer and elective stages of her clerkship in our law firm from December 2015 to November 2016 and at this time chose family law as her field of expertise. Since 2017, after completing her clerkship and passing the second state examination, Mrs. Krabbe was admitted to the profession of attorney at law at CausaConcilio.