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Causaconcilio – Rechtsanwälte und Notare in Kiel, Hamburg und Schönberg


Lawyer and Retired Notary

Secretarial Office:

Nastasja Schubert
Telephone: +49 (4344) 413973 - 3
Telefax: +49 (4344) 413973 - 5


Frauke Geerdts
Telephone: +49 (4344) 413973 - 3
Telefax: +49 (4344) 413973 - 5



Professional Lawyer:

Since 1979

Notary function:

From 1981 till 31.03.2019

Joint Partner of the Association

Lawyer and retired notary, Horst-Werner Pieck is the person to contact locally in Schönberg. He can look back on almost 38 years of experience in notarial work. Upon reaching the mandatory age limit, he had been the notary in Schönberg since 1991.

Based on his experience, he offers support as a competent consultant in the drafting of contracts. This applies both to real estate and property development law concerning the sale or acquisition of real estate as well as issues relating to family law related matters in prenuptial agreements. Final transfer of assets can be prepared and arranged by will or inheritance contracts or by transfers of assets in lifetime, observing inheritance and / or gift law requirements. Similarly, he advises on and designs corporate law issues relating to company formation with respective modifications.